Benzo Withdrawal Testimonials


“Fantastic it really helps . I’m on a tapering program professionally done .05mg per week 8 month drop from 2 mg of klonopin I failed twice because the depression was so bad. I’m halfway through this time and chill 6 has made it more tolerable I can now function and feel reasonably good what a blessing…. Stay off benzodiazepines , if needed don’t go past 3 weeks. Try chill6 instead and definitely use it for your slow taper great customer service too.” -Robert A.


“If you’re suffering from Benzo withdrawals , this stuff really works so you can sleep at night .. No more crawling skin or sleepless nights .. I would recommend this since doctors only wanna give you another pill to help .. Doctors have no clue what people go through with xanax withdrawal !!!” -Keith R, Las Vegas


“I had taken Ativan for 25 years and every time I tried to get off I felt horrible. Heart palpitations ,hyperventilating, the whole 9 yards. I am a Christian woman and I knew this was bigger than me. So I connected with Jesus Christ and asked Him to be with me on this horrible joyrney and He reminded me that He never leaves me. So with His help I quit after a year but suffering only one thing . Cannot sleep. I found chill6 in all my researching and it got me through the roughest months. As the label says , it won’t take away the withdrawal symptoms, but it takes the edge off of anxiety. It does exactly that. If you go in expecting it to work totally, don’t. Read what the man says who invented this. If you go into it with the attitude that this is going to take the edge off of my symptoms and not take them away, you will find it does. I slept for about 2-3 hours. But at least I sleep. I think this is an awesome drink and I take it every other night. I found taking it every night made it less effective. Thank God someone has our back! Thank you chill6!!!!” -Joanne G.


“This product has an effect in it that quickly mellows me out and completely relaxes me. Helps with sleep if mg10 Melatonin is added. As I have been tapering off 2 kinds of benzos this has REALLY helped with the nervous edgy feeling. I actually prefer the feeling this product gives me to the medication I have been taking.” -Jennifer Crowley


“I started taking Chill6 in September 2015 to help me get off 6 mgs a day of klonopin, and it’s been a long haul. I followed the suggestions within the product descriptions (slow taper) and Chill6 truly does exactly what it says! I can see why they offer a guarantee, you won’t return this if you use it correctly. I have several people following the plan and it’s going really well for everyone. I drink it very slow over hours, because I notice withdrawal relief from just a few good sips. This stretches the relieving effects over many hours, and allowed me to take less of the product. I am completely off a year and a half later. Thank you so much for sharing your success formula with people who need it more than ever. There is no way to express my gratitude, and I will yell from the top of mountains to share such a valuable gift and a company who runs on pure honor! So refreshing, and rarely seen in the American supplement industry! Thank you and God Bless you,” -Rob


“I do think it helps. Today was my 17th day off and it was brutal. Nothing helped until I used Chill6. I still had a miserable day but it lifted the symptoms from hell to tolerable. Give it a try!” -Lisa


“I have done a great deal of research on benzo withdrawl, I have been on sleeping meds for many years, I am weaning off of them, almost off now. Benzo’s are very difficult to recover from say worse than heroin withdrawal, my problem has always been insomnia and when you lie awake all night trying to withdraw from benzo’s very tempting to get up and take another just to sleep believe me. I am a great believer in supplements and vitamins, and natural etc. There are too many doctor’s out there ready to write prescriptions for their patients, a lot of them dont need what they are prescribed. Getting back to CHILL 6 I have found it very helpful, great taste, like punch, I drink one glass in the morning, I find it keeps me calm during the day and gives me energy, one glass before bed, that really helps with sleep. I am older have been on these meds many years and did not want to be in a nursing home still hooked on benzo’s.” -Pamela


“Helps the anxiety when coming off Benzo’s… 4 months CT, needed it… thanks much.” -Andrew


“I never believed in herbal vitamins, green teas, or any of the so called what was best for your body, mind, brain. A dear friend of mine gave me a bottle for Christmas, I was skeptical at first but I said what the hell I’ve tried different vitamins OTC for energy, sleep and slow my brain down at night. I worried a lot because I have major health issue, mainly cancer. I tried Chill6 that night. I was amazed the calming effect it had on me. I took Chill6 at 8:30 PM and by 9:00 PM I had this calm feeling, very relaxed, it always took awhile for me to fall asleep, not that night I drifted off to sleep and for the first time I slept through the whole night and felt great the next morning. No after effects like some of those OTC products. I’ve been taking it every night since and feel great each morning. I have more energy clear mind and ready to start my day. I would recommend Chill6 to anyone. I’m thankful to my friend for such a pleasant Christmas present, because I would never had tried a product like Chill6. This product works. So go on, read about it and I’m sure you will try it. Thanks to the people who put this product together. I’ve told friends and relatives about it and told them give a try you won’t be disappointed. Thank you,” -Fran


“I bought this product for my son; a veteran suffering from pretty severe PTSD. He has always refused meds, instead trying to combat the disorder with diet and exercise. However, the anxiety and sleeplessness sometimes (a lot of times) got the better of him. He has been taking the product as directed for (almost) 3 months and everyone has been able to see a difference in him. Friends and family say he is much more positive, willing to join them in “outings”, and less inclined to self-isolation. He doesn’t want to “jinx” it and tell me it’s working, but he has reported fewer episodes of sweat-induced panic, much less anxiety, and improved sleep. While on this site today, I made my first purchase of 3 jars at one time to be shipped to him. I am hoping that the company will soon develop auto-ship because the idea of him “running out” and suffering the way he did in the past is too much for this mother to bear. Thank you, Chill6, for helping me get my son back.” -Lisa


“Works without causing cravings doesn’t get you high but balances the discomfort.” -Anonymous


“Helped with w/d symptoms. Made sleep possible.” -Janet B.

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