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First, this testimonial is long overdue. I’ve been using Chill 6 successfully for about 1 month. I’ve tried many products to alleviate high-level anxiety and chronic insomnia from oil to gummies to you-name-it, I’ve tried it at least once. I purchased Chill6 on a whim, honestly not expecting much given the lackluster success I’ve had with other, similar products. Well, after taking it out of the box, I stirred myself a nice drink of watermelon flavored water, being sure to follow the user directions. Let me say, the flavor alone was amazing- nothing artificial tasting here, folks. Then, the effect.... within minutes of taking this, I felt an unusual calm overcome me. I didn’t feel spaced out, jittery or any other random, unwanted side effect. I just felt, well, peaceful. I can’t recommend this product highly enough. And in crase your skeptical like I was, I wrote the owner to thank them and that was completely unsolicited.

Tammy G from CA on Nov 27, 2020

I bought this product for my son; a veteran suffering from pretty severe PTSD. He has always refused meds, instead trying to combat the disorder with diet and exercise. However, the anxiety and sleeplessness sometimes (a lot of times) got the better of him. He has been taking the product as directed for (almost) 3 months and everyone has been able to see a difference in him. Friends and family say he is much more positive, willing to join them in "outings", and less inclined to self-isolation. He doesn't want to "jinx" it and tell me it's working, but he has reported fewer episodes of sweat-induced panic, much less anxiety, and improved sleep. While on this site today, I made my first purchase of 3 jars at one time to be shipped to him. I am hoping that the company will soon develop auto-ship because the idea of him "running out" and suffering the way he did in the past is too much for this mother to bear. Thank you, Chill6, for helping me get my son back.

Lisa from Kentucky on June 6, 2020

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