Dan Marold

Chill6™ was discovered after one man found great success with a blend of amino acids that reduced his anxiety and vitalized his body while coming off his current prescription strength anti anxiety medication (benzodiazepines). The result Chill6™, the world's first anti-anxiety & vitality drink, made from six amino acids.

Now...Chill6™ is one  brand, that produces one  supplement; the most advanced anti anxiety and vitality drink available today. This is why  we are one of the few nutritional supplements companies who can afford to Guarantee Your Money with a 30 Day Risk Free Trial. We focus on one thing...Chill6™! It is legitimate, we are 100% transparent and provide you with as much factual information to coincide with our claims so you can make the best informed decision as to deciding if Chill6™ is in your best interest, or not. Certainly, Chill6™ is not for everyone! But, for many, it's invaluable, and simply an inexpensive investment in the quality of their life.

Ultimately, this product (these amino acids) was brought to the world because anxiety and over stress are inherent to us humans, and a truly effective nutritional supplement for anxiety and over stress simply hadn't been created yet. Every amino acid in Chill6™ was hand picked from a small selection of amino acids that have proven successful with humans for an extended time. Quickly, Chill6™ users see this is a serious product, with amazing benefits, in just over 5 years selling Chill6™, we have many physicians worldwide who recommend Chill6™ for various anxiety related ailments. Please, feel free to send your personal physician to learn all about Chill6.com. Our vision is also to shed a light on the anxiety epidemic in America and it's causes. If you’re passionate about helping people with anxiety in a safe way, please join us, and share to a loved one who could benefit from this wonderful product. Chill6™ is a great anti-anxiety drink for anxious, stressful days, or to unwind and relax your mind in the evening to prepare for a wonderful sleep.