Chill6™ User Testimonials


I just wanted to reach out to say how much I love your product. I came across it through an Instagram ad and after doing some research, decided to try it out. It's made a substantial impact on my life and overall anxiety levels. Thank you again for a great product, I look forward to being a long time returning customer.

Ryan Cridelich from Wisconsin

March 27, 2020


Got to give credit where it is due. Mind you, I only got the sample packs. I am a chronic insomniac many tears over. Know all about Gaba, etc. I have to say, I took a sample pack last night along with my normal meds. I get normally 5-6 hours. I have not dreamed like that in forever! Vivid dreams. I slept deeply. I am as I mentioned, giving credit where due. At least for one night, I zonked. Very impressed. Of course, alot goes into a good nights sleep, and this was only one night. But impressive to say the least. Do your own research of course.

Ronald from Wentzville

March 13, 2020


I have been using this for 3-1/2 yrs, about 3-4 a week, when I need it. It is everything it claims! I have anxiety issues on super stressful days at work, this product turns those days into good days! My entire life has improved and even coworkers and family notice my better mood. Thank you, grateful!!


March 11, 2020


It works great and calms me down when I need it .Chill6 definitely makes me sleep better at night too!

James W.

February 24, 2020

Beware, there will be powder everywhere!

I just got the free sample, the powder is so fine powder puffs out when you open it. It’s very hard to clean, should be warnings on this!


March 12, 2020

Life changing

I rarely leave a testimonial or review. But I had to with this. I ordered originally for my mother who was anxious. I started getting over the top anxiety, with horrible panic attacks. I’ve always had anxiety but this was worse then I’ve ever experienced. Out of desperation I tried taking the chill6, 1/2 scoop at night. I felt the effects that night and the next day. I hope someone suffering from anxiety reads this and gives it a chance. I still have anxiety but this has been a life changer.


March 13, 2020


The more moderate the use the better it works. Best of all, it really takes away the need to buy a lot of individual homeopathic calming remedies, and just get them all in one. I always notice that subtle feeling to relax, don't overthink, everything is going to be okay...subtle, but very important.


February, 3 2020

Really helped.

I have had this for about a month now. I got it for sleep - trying to kick the Ambien. It hasn’t been able to take the place of the Ambien but I was having overwhelming anxiety today (last few days) so I remembered Chill 6 so took 2 scoops and within about an hour I’m feeling much more relaxed- less feeling like my life is doomed. Hopefully this will continue to work for anxiety so I can function.


January 26, 2020


I bought this product for my son; a veteran suffering from pretty severe PTSD. He has always refused meds, instead trying to combat the disorder with diet and exercise. However, the anxiety and sleeplessness sometimes (a lot of times) got the better of him. He has been taking the product as directed for (almost) 3 months and everyone has been able to see a difference in him. Friends and family say he is much more positive, willing to join them in “outings”, and less inclined to self-isolation. He doesn’t want to “jinx” it and tell me it’s working, but he has reported fewer episodes of sweat-induced panic, much less anxiety, and improved sleep.
While on this site today, I made my first purchase of 3 jars at one time to be shipped to him. I am hoping that the company will soon develop auto-ship because the idea of him “running out” and suffering the way he did in the past is too much for this mother to bear.
Thank you, Chill6, for helping me get my son back.


October 1, 2016


Thank you the great customer service. My mom has Alzheimer’s and dimentia and I gave her pink lemonade last evening and it chilled her out and she fell asleep alot easier. Thank you

Ami P.

June 10, 2019

It works!

The original pink lemonade is definitely the best. It has a nice tart flavor and is not chalky. The new formula pink lemonade and the passion fruit flavor are both chalky tasting and don’t dissolve well at all. I had to shake my water bottle between each sip. All 3 formulas had the same effect…within about 5 minutes I could definitely feel a calming sensation. I did not feel drugged or drowsy, just relaxed. It lasted throughout the whole day, which pleasantly surprised me. After trying the samples, I purchased a container of the original pink lemonade.

Kelly Brown

May 28, 2019

1 scoop isn’t strong enough

I tried one scoop and barely noticed any anti anxiety. I upped my dose and tried 2 scoops, makes all the difference in the world! I actually like the Original formulas taste over the new formula.

Brandi M

February 14, 2019

Thanks Peggy& Chill 6

Yes it seems to be helping my anxiety and panic attacks. My heart isn’t racing like it was and I am gonna refer this to my doctor who knows nothing of it.Many others would benefit from this. Chill6 I would like a 3 day trial. Neighbor gave me a packet to try cause of my attacks. So I woke up at 8 am drank it and some up at 1 pm holy cow haven’t slept that long in a year.

Mark Strohecker

December 16, 2018

Not great taste, but works

Definitely works great for my PTSD, and general anxiety, nothing before helped like this. Sleep is great too. Doesn’t taste the best but I mix the chill6 pink lemonade flavor with a dash of real Country Time pink lemonade drink mix, makes it much sweeter.


November 26, 2018


Thanks for making this product available. I find it has really helped me with anxiety and sleep. Thank you, Thank you, Chill6


April 2, 2016

Good for anxiety and stress

I elected to go with a non medicated way to deal with my occasional anxiety and frequent stress and mood swings. This product has definitely helped with that.


November 18, 2018


I bought this for anxiety releif as you advertise, I take a full scoop and barely feel it! I’ll be returning this jar.


November 18, 2018

Cuts alcohol cravings

My wife got me this, she said something in it helps with alcohol cravings. It definitely lowers my urge to drink. On a weekend day, I drink a scoop, I feel relaxed and don’t have the urge to drink. It’s amazing, I’ve lower my beer belly too! I wish it was sweeter, taste of drinking all that powder isn’t great.


November 14, 2018

Best over the counter anti anxiety supplement

This supplement really works. Ive tried every herb and over the counter nutritional supplement, this one really takes my worries away. A blessing


November 13, 2018

Day shift relief

I take when I have to work first shift as a nurse. Day shift is so much more active with admin than second shift which I work 24hrs. I take 3 times a week, couldn’t do it w/o it. Very effective supplement, the lowers my blood pressure, my body and brain have their limits. Chill6 is a nice assistant when things get overwhelming. I mix the pink Lemonade flavor with 8oz water, w/ lemon it’s fantastic.

Jessica B

November 11, 2018

Great product, better company.

I wrote better company as the title because it’s so refreshing to know there is a nutritional supplement company actually backs up it’s claims, but does what it says too! Thank you I had just about given up on ‘supplements’ what you say isn’t just bullshit to make a buck. Your amino mix makes me feel relaxed, doesn’t get me “high” It’s mild, this supplement is perfectly designed in my book, these ingredients are for real. Helps my anxiety big time, I’d prefer artificial sweetener or real sugar, the natural flavoring isn’t the best. All in all, solid product and company.

James Radillo

November 10, 2018

Social anxiety dream come true

this supplement kicks ass, seriously it’s like having a beer without the intoxication! It actually makes me more focused. I take it before my workouts at the gym, I have social anxiety, I am more relaxed, but my focus on muscle pump is like nothing else. Wouldn’t workout without it.


November 9, 2018


This has helped me through some very anxious times and it lasts. I could still focus on tasks. I can still function and not fall asleep.

Kelly Reid

November 9, 2018

Dosing is key

I’ve been using Chill6 for over 2 years, I use it some weeks more than others, I use it when I see my daughter, she overwhelms me and it’s not good for my health. Chill6 helps me stay calm when I visit with her, my health is so much better. Finally a real anxiety supplement that you don’t need a prescription for! It’s a winner, Great, great product. Thank you for saving my relationship and health! Love the new tropical flavor! Thanks, Nancy

Nancy J.

November 9, 2018

Nice to have something that works nearby

This isn’t a genuine testimonial but I thought you’d appreciate it in regards to chill6. My Mother (74) was having serious surgery, I gave her some chill6 leading up to her surgery. My Mother was so anxious and scared, Chill6 made my Mom stay relaxed the couple days prior to surgery. I’m grateful to the makers, most people could use a Chill6 in their cabinet for one thing or another. My only complaint is the consistency, I’d like it to dissolve better. But, by far the most effective supplement I’ve ever used. Truly works. Thank you!

Robbt T.

November 8, 2018

Good, but not great.

It definitely works, no joke, but it could be a little stronger. Taste could be better too. Definitely has been great for my social anxiety but personally just a bit stronger anxiety affect, the vitality is a good counteraction feeling of the anti anxiety component.


October 22, 2018

Better exam scores!

I don’t have anxiety until the morning of my exam as i am in my grad program. I take a scoop right when I wake on exam days. I’m so calm and focused and almost enjoy the tests now! I always knew the material pretty well but, my nerves messed with my head. My scores have gone up and I’m certain it’s because I’m more relaxed and focused. I'm better at soccer too..hahah, seriously!

Jennifer W.

October 22, 2018

Three’s a charm!

This formula smokes your last two formula’s, your first was too weak anti anxiety potency, second better anti anxiety but didn’t taste good. This new formula, bingo! I take at night when I stress, usually a couple hours before bed, I sleep so good, your body and brain can feel it, wake beyond refreshed! Really solid work on this third formula, nice work chill 6.


October 17, 2018


Really good anti anxiety, even my friends have made comments on my calm, cool mood. I’m in college and this is perfect just a few times a week when I need it. Even though it’s academia, I still get “performance anxiety” for certain exams or presentations. I even feel smarter lol, it really strengthens concentration and slows my mind. I have only tried pink lemonade, wasn’t a huge fan, but I am not a fan of huge fan of real lemonade. I got the sample from my professor, but I just ordered passion fruit on the go. Other than the mediocre flavor, right on with potency.

Erica R.

October 15, 2018

Finally found a good one!

I was expecting a little calm for maybe 30 minutes, this calm lasts for hours and I take only one half of a scoop. By far the strongest over the counter anti anxiety I’ve ever tried, and I have tried everything! I almost didn’t try this, I’m glad I did, this product makes a real difference when I need it. Thank you, Amy

Amy W.

October 13, 2018

A blessing

This was a gift from my grandson. I recently moved and worry in my new setting. This drink is a blessing to me, I wish I had it sooner!


October 13, 2018

Given me truly great results

Long time anxiety suffer here and tried this for the first time just over two years ago, as a natural alternative to prescription medication. The instructions were pretty straight forward and all the ingredients easy to research. Noticed a difference the first time I mixed up a drink. Did not feel funny at all just in general calm and motivated. I’ll continue using this product. It Works! I love the new passion fruit flavor!

Alex P.

October 10, 2018

Lowers my bedtime anxiety

I don’t have much anxiety during the day but at night I worry to the point I overeat to get myself tired so I can sleep. I take just a half scoop of chill6 3-4 nights a week, stops the worry and helps me sleep better. I’ve actually lost 7 pds in 7 wks from not having to stuff my face to sleep on anxious nights! This product is definitely my most important nutritional supplement on my list. Thank you, I much appreciate your company’s effort to produce such a great thing.

Ransom M

October 9, 2018

A life saver.

Personally I don’t care about flavor, I care about effectiveness. This drink has done wonders for my anxiety, I take it about 3-4x week, 1 scoop, it is great to slow my mind down during anxious events. I feel like it lasts all day and I sleep great which translates to a better next day! I’ve been taking chill6 for 1.5 years on and off during stressful periods. Thanks for bringing an option other that medication but better than over the counter junk! A little of this goes a long way!
The new pink lemonade flavor is great, I didn’t like the last pink lemonade version at all in terms of taste, the effect wasn’t as good either. Great job on this one 👍🏽

Melissa B

October 8, 2018

The real deal

I’ve been using chill6 at work meetings. I only need it on the couple days I have to speak, weekly. It helps my nerves and honestly boosts my confidence because it helps with focus and concentration too. I think it’s an outstanding product when my anxiety jumps out of my control. I just use a half a scoop and that’s plenty, I feel calm and cool for hours.

Ryan A

October 6, 2018

It certainly takes the edge off

Good, great for taking edge off from the anxiety. Hoping for new flavors.


October 4, 2018

Excellent Product

Great customer service. This is a relaxing drink after a long day.

Charles B.

September 4, 2018


I’ve been slowly starting to use this product after many failed attempts at tapering my klonopin. This is the only product that has ever reduced my nightmare symptoms. I use it very sparingly, but when I do, I am calmed and yet alert. I go from feeling like I was hit by a train back to normal. I am just so thankful there is something out there for people who are struggling with this.


July 13, 2018


This has helped me tremendously. I use it maybe once or twice a week when I notice my stress levels starting to rise, and I can feel an almost immediate difference. I just feel more relaxed. Will definitely continue to use this product.


July 2, 2018


Works great… very happy w the results

Amy S

May 1, 2017


I have felt so much better since trying Chill 6!! Thank you for offering this amazing product.

Kim C.

April 22, 2017


It works great and calms me down when I need it .Chill6 definitely makes me sleep better at night too!

James W.

February 24, 2020


Very good thank you

Ramiro D

April 28, 2017

Took a while to get used to sweetness

This was my second order of Chill6. It took me a bit to get used to the sweetness of the mix, but from day one it’s helped to even me out. This helps greatly with my overall anxiety for sure.

Kristin E.

March 10, 2017


This helps my husband tremendously w his nerves… it’s great


December 7, 2016


This has worked very well for my husbsnd. He feels great and doesn’t have anxiety for the entire day. Great!


September 27, 2016


I bought this for my husband his anxiety is better and he also sleeps better.


August 30, 2016


I never believed in herbal vitamins, green teas, or any of the so called what was best for your body, mind, brain. A dear friend of mine gave me a bottle for Christmas, I was skeptical at first but I said what the hell I’ve tried different vitamins OTC for energy, sleep and slow my brain down at night. I worried a lot because I have major health issue, mainly cancer. I tried Chill6 that night. I was amazed the calming effect it had on me. I took Chill6 at 8:30 PM and by 9:00 PM I had this calm feeling, very relaxed, it always took awhile for me to fall asleep, not that night I drifted off to sleep and for the first time I slept through the whole night and felt great the next morning. No after effects like some of those OTC products. I’ve been taking it every night since and feel great each morning. I have more energy clear mind and ready to start my day. I would recommend Chill6 to anyone. I’m thankful to my friend for such a pleasant Christmas present, because I would never had tried a product like Chill6. This product works. So go on, read about it and I’m sure you will try it. Thanks to the people who put this product together. I’ve told friends and relatives about it and told them give a try you won’t be disappointed. Thank you, Fran


March 2, 2016


Great product, nothing over the counter could even compare too. Fantastic supplement.

Dominic C.

February 21, 2016


I have done a great deal of research on benzo withdrawl, I have been on sleeping meds for many years, I am weaning off of them, almost off now. Benzo’s are very difficult to recover from say worse than heroin withdrawal, my problem has always been insomnia and when you lie awake all night trying to withdraw from benzo’s very tempting to get up and take another just to sleep believe me. I am a great believer in supplements and vitamins, and natural etc. There are too many doctor’s out there ready to write prescriptions for their patients, a lot of them dont need what they are prescribed. Getting back to CHILL 6 I have found it very helpful, great taste, like punch, I drink one glass in the morning, I find it keeps me calm during the day and gives me energy, one glass before bed, that really helps with sleep. I am older have been on these meds many years and did not want to be in a nursing home still hooked on benzo’s.


February 3, 2016


Thank you VERY much. Great product and fast shipping.


February 3, 2016


Helps the anxiety when coming off Benzo’s… 4 months CT, needed it… thanks much


February 3, 2016


As advertised.. super fast shipping too.. Thank you!


February 3, 2016


This formula is unique among the anti anxiety products out there, because the ingredients are truly effective, serious, well-chosen and combined to optimize the benefit. It is gentle, but you can definitely feel it working. If you have tried everything with absolutely no effect, and are tired of wasting money, give this a try. You won’t regret it.


February 2, 2016