Benzo Withdrawal Treatment Aid,  Chill6™
Benzo Withdrawal Treatment Aid,  Chill6™
Benzo Withdrawal Treatment Aid,  Chill6™
Benzo Withdrawal Treatment Aid,  Chill6™
Benzo Withdrawal Treatment Aid,  Chill6™

Benzo Withdrawal Treatment Aid, Chill6™

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Benzo Withdrawal Treatment Aid, Chill6™

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Disclaimer:  Unlike most nutritional supplement hype, Chill6™ actually does what it claims, which is why  we can give you a 30 Day Risk-Free Trial with a 100% Money Back Guarantee, plus you keep All 3 FREE Flavor Samples ($9.98 Value) that come with your first order, and that's not hype ;)

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Benzo Withdrawal Benefits with Chill6
• Anti-Anxiety (non addictive)
Promotes Rejuvenating Sleep 
• Provides your Brain with Nutrients to Comfort and Heal
• Made from Six Amino Acids, No worries in the Safety Department
• You’ll feel Relief within 15 minutes, lasting hours  
• You’ll Love the Calorie Free Lemonade Drink Mix, at Less than $1.00 Per Serving, your budget will not worry :)
Every 40 serving jar comes with a 30-day Risk Free Trial 

What causes "benzo" withdrawal symptoms, and how can I help relieve my agonizing withdrawal symptoms? Benzo-discontinuation disrupts two primary neuro-transmitting functions in the brain, GABA receptors and dopamine levels. By supplementing the brain and body with these affected and deficient neuro-transmitters, withdrawal symptoms are significantly reduced. To optimize the nutrient absorption, the Chill6™ amino acid powder is dissolved in water, producing and replenishing low dopamine levels, while GABA is supplied the brain to help revitalize physically altered, benzo-dependent GABA receptors. 

Can Chill6™ speed  my withdrawal duration?  The Chill6™ formula safely nourishes your brain and body, creating an optimal and comfortable healing environment. In no way does Chill6™ speed  your withdrawal duration; in fact, it is most effective when used with a slow gradual taper, e.g., .25 mg or less reduction once a month, or longer. The brain requires time to recover and stabilize to normal functioning due to the chemical changes and physical dependencies that result from consistent benzodiazepine usage. Chill6™ merely relieves your discomforting withdrawal symptoms throughout your withdrawal phase. 

Why can't I sleep?  Benzodiazepine discontinuation puts your brain into a  physical  withdrawal, disrupting your natural circadian sleep cycle, which consequently blocks your ability to fall asleep. Chill6™ amazingly counters this benzo-induced insomnia because it harmonizes the pathology which enables you to fall asleep and achieve deep, rejuvenating sleep.

How can I be sure Chill6™ is safe?  When we made Chill6™, your  safety was our #1 priority! Chill6™ is made of six amino acids; amino acids are extremely safe by nature, as they are the building blocks of protein, and protein is a necessary basic human nutrient. In fact, if you take too much protein via eating (a big steak dinner, protein drink, fish, etc) your body and brain would only utilize the precise amount of protein (amino acids) required, any abundance is simply excreted in your waste and/or converted to body fat since food protein has calories. Chill6™ amino acids are calorie free, therefore they cannot be converted to body fat, if there were excess, it's merely excreted in urine.  

However, there is a universal, physiological response in the human brain and body that occurs during benzodiazepine discontinuation that specifically identifies the nutrients that would aid the brain and body's recovery. Regardless, all six amino acids in Chill6™ have been generally recognized as safe by the FDA. You can rest assured that the Chill6™ dosing was specifically and conservatively designed to be safe while you're slowly tapering off of benzodiazepines. Additionally, all six amino acids have been used safely as nutritional supplements for many years prior to the release of Chill6™. Chill6™ is a one of a kind blend of six top rated amino acids that have never, ever been combined together! Pink Lemonade and Passionfruit was then blended with no artificial anything! Even the pink color comes from beet root, sweetened with all natural Stevia, (No Stevia in New Original Orange Mango formula) and no fillers. Chill6™ is made entirely with high quality ingredients, from amino acids to flavoring, and is the first advanced strength anti-anxiety drink ever created.

Finally, Chill6™ was made in the USA in a GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) certified facility. We want you to feel comfortable and safe taking Chill6™, there is no need for additional anxiety when you are going off benzodiazepines. If you have doubts of the safety, you are encouraged to inquire with your personal physician for a face-to-face meeting. Regardless, you'd be very hard-pressed to find a physician who would say any of these amino acids are unsafe.  

Chill6™ Amino Acid Formula  

What amino acids revitalize my altered GABA receptors? 

Amino Acid as Benzo Withdrawal Aid #1  GABA is the chief inhibitory, (calming) neurotransmitter, within the brain and body. Despite GABA not passing through the blood brain barrier, GABA is an integral part of normal human functioning at peripheral GABA receptors all over the body. 

Amino Acid #2  Phenibut was ingeniously discovered in the Soviet Union by Dr. Vsevolod Perekalin and his team in the 1960s, it has since been mandated standard equipment in a Russian astronaut's medical kit to reduce mental stress and anxiety (without drowsiness) during space travel! Phenibut used in low-moderate doses has been the 'healing' amino acid used safely for decades all over the world as a nutritional supplement, treating a variety of anxiety related disorders; including, alcoholism (which is similar to benzo withdrawal because alcohol is a GABA down regulator), insomnia, depression and post-traumatic stress disorder, and of course anxiety.

While phenibut and benzodiazepines achieve similar effects, they work in a totally different manner in your brain. Phenibut is GABA; past the blood brain barrier, by nourishing the GABA receptors with it's specific amino acid, i.e., GABA,  the dysregulated receptors are activated to function properly. Phenibut nourishes your brains GABA receptors with it's amino acid gamma-Aminobutric acid (GABA,) with time (a slow taper) and good old fashioned rest and recovery, phenibut may enhance the process of re-entrainment to help restore your GABA receptors normal function. Benzodiazepines are synthetically made chemicals/drugs that artificially stimulate GABA receptors which ultimately causes the physical dependency you experience. Once Phenibut/GABA enters the brain, it mimics your benzodiazepine calming effect which results in a significant masking of your agonizing withdrawal symptoms. Phenibut does not mimic the action of benzodiazepines in any way, shape or form, but if phenibut was overused by itself in moderate to high doses, it possesses a dependency of it's own (albeit, without the harmful after effects that can come with benzodiazepine discontinuation, thereby protracted withdrawal syndrome is not associated with phenibut). Low to very low doses of phenibut however, (as in Chill6™ containing less than 10% phenibut,) make it invaluable for benzodiazepine withdrawal because it offers the best of both worlds; it's effective at neutralizing benzodiazepine withdrawal induced anxiety, lowers seizure risk, without a concern of physical dependency.

Amino Acid #3  Interestingly as well, a decade before phenibut, l-theanine was discovered as a part of green tea prepared from camellia sinensis in 1949. Basically, l-theanine is an amino acid that has stood the test of time (nearly one thousand years) promoting relaxation in tea through the production of GABA and serotonin. L-theanine is a natural amino acid nutrient that safely prompts dysregulated GABA receptors to function normally again. 

Amino Acids #4 & 5  Benzodiazepine discontinuation cause dopamine levels to drop in the brain, which can contribute to withdrawal associated depression. Relative to vitality, sufficient dopamine levels are a prerequisite to human pleasure, motivation and sexual desire. L-tyrosine and l-dopa create Chill6’s unique ‘dynamic duo,’ these two amino acids work synergistically to restore one of the most compelling ‘vitality’ neurotransmitters in your brain; dopamine. What's more, relative to benzo-withdrawal, tyrosine is especially effective when you are under stress, sleep deprived and have body and mind fatigue. Chill6™ provides adequate nutrients so your brain can replenish it's low dopamine levels that result from lowering your benzodiazepine dosage.

Amino Acid #6  L-Taurine is a wonderful (non-stimulating) ingredient that has been extremely successful in energy drinks all over the world to revitalize the body. We thought l-taurine would add the ‘icing on the cake’ by utilizing it as our sixth ingredient in Chill6™. Contrary to popular assumption, l-taurine doesn’t promote mental energy, it just might however, contend as one of the healthiest amino acids for your body, offering a very long list of health benefits, including heart health and cholesterol lowering affects. 

Is the only thing that works for benzo-withdrawal is suffering through all the agonizing withdrawal symptoms?  If you haven’t had luck with conventional ‘wisdom,’ (suffering through all the numerous painful withdrawal symptoms and “time is the only thing that works”), you absolutely deserve the help Chill6™ can give you. Chill6™ is a better, safer, and more productive method than any other benzodiazepine withdrawal approach available today! Try it for 30 days and see how much it helps you, if you are not satisfied for any reason, we will refund your money in full, no questions asked! If you have suffered enough as a 'benzo hostage,' empower yourself by drinking Chill6™ when you are feeling benzodiazepine withdrawal symptoms, and you'll start feeling better in less than 30 minutes. Chill6™ is not a miracle cure, you still have to do the work and stay committed to the long journey. But! Chill6™ will definitely make your withdrawal hell, not so bad, and it will aid your brain in the recovery process! Stay strong, you too, can do it :) 

Chill6™ is responsibly made, use it responsibly, and you'll reap the rewards!

Finally, A Supplement Company That Stands Behind Its Claims! 

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