Anxiety Relief Drink Gift Card • Chill6™ (40 Serving Jar)
Anxiety Relief Drink Gift Card • Chill6™ (40 Serving Jar)
Anxiety Relief Drink Gift Card • Chill6™ (40 Serving Jar)
Anxiety Relief Drink Gift Card • Chill6™ (40 Serving Jar)
Anxiety Relief Drink Gift Card • Chill6™ (40 Serving Jar)
Anxiety Relief Drink Gift Card • Chill6™ (40 Serving Jar)

Anxiety Relief Drink Gift Card • Chill6™ (40 Serving Jar)

64 reviews
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When you order a jar of Chill6™ for yourself and buy a gift card for someone you think may benefit, we will ship theirs free (2-3 Day Shipping-$8.96 Value)! They can order any flavor here, when they are ready. To get this gift card to include free shipping, you must Order this card, click "Continue Shopping" and Order the Jar that will be shipped to you. If the gift card is ordered alone, there will be an additional shipping charge of $8.96.

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Allison .
United States United States
This product is amazing for relaxation and sleep

I was definitely skeptical about this product due to trying many different natural things for anxiety and sleep that didn’t do much. I have taken this 5 different times now and each time I begin to feel nice and relaxed about 30 min later and fall right to sleep when going to bed. I am the kind of sleeper that tends to wake up a few times during the night and it takes me a while to get back to sleep but with this I get up once to use the restroom and the next thing I know I am snoozing again. I always feel really rested the next day. I love this product and plan on using it every few days or as needed.

Michael S.
United States United States
Has been a lifesaver

I have been suffering from anxiety for years...this is the ONLY non narcotic I have ever tried that has 100% worked with no side effects. What a relief this has been, and the flavors are really tasty.

A Chill6™ Customer
Shawna A.
United States United States
Game Changer During this Pandemic

Bought this free trying the sample set and had a great experience. I have started using this as the last drink of my day since returning to work and have noticed a huge difference in my sleep and just overall rwt and dealing with anxiety. Watermelon is so delicious and no after taste at all. Just really been super helpful. I would highly recommend trying this to see how this works for you.

A Chill6™ Customer
Tabitha N.
United States United States
This product is AMAZING for anxiety...

I'm a repeat customer, so of course I'm going to rave about how great this product is. I'm a small business owner who has become accustomed to long hours, massive amounts of stress, and not a lot of sleep. I tried 9 different CBD brands in 2019, and found 2 that were somewhat decent in helping: one was a liposomal I would take during the day, and another was a special formulation I would take at night. It was an extremely expensive combination, and neither truly "took the edge off." On a whim, I saw this on Facebook, did a little investigative research, and decided to place my order. I figured for $50, what did I really have to lose. The price point was a lot lower than all the CBD brands I had tried. I'm so happy that I took that leap of faith, since this stuff is amazing. Unlike CBD, you don't have to wait very long to feel the effects. And at least for me, the effects are more profound than anything else I've ever taken (sidenote: I refuse to take prescription meds for anxiety, so have always gone a more homeopathic route). If you suffer from anxiety, and are looking for something that's more natural to help keep those feelings at bay, you really can't go wrong.

James I.
United States United States
PTSD household

Our home consists of 3 PTSD cases and high anxiety. Pharmaceuticals made us worse. Chill6 has made a world of difference for all 3 of us. Improved concentration, improved relaxation all in one serving. We are quite pleased with Chill6 and will continue to use this product.